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Recharge your Garage for Autumn

05 Sep Recharge your Garage for Autumn

Out of space to store your bikes? Can’t find a spot for the lawn mower? Lost the rake or the snow shovel? Scared the neighborhood will see the disaster that is your garage? Fear not, here’s an easy-to-follow list for upgrading your Colorado home.

The garage is too-often neglected when looking at your average Boulder or Denver single-family home for sale. Several simple and affordable improvements can be made to the standard garage to give it that above-average feel, increasing the overall value of your home.

1)  Add an epoxy coating

Most older garages are floored in poured concrete; this material shows oil stains, blemishes, and can be difficult to clean. Epoxy-coatings may be a new trend, but their benefits are undeniable. This coating protects the floor of your garage and completely covers up stains and other surface imperfections. As a bonus, this coating comes in a variety of colors so you can choose the best look for your space.

2) Change your storage

Do you use your garage only for storage, but long to park inside during the colder Colorado months?  Look for unique shelving, hooks, and drawers; these might help you organize and remove some of the clutter from the floor. Look into installing wall mounts for garden tools, creative ceiling storage, and wire shelves for boxes.

Remember, shelves are better than cabinets; you don’t want to shut the door on more clutter, clean it up!

Consider taking on a creative improvement project: a platform attached to the ceiling than can be raised or lowered using a pulley system, a pegboard tool organizer, or a folding workbench or gardening station.

3) Skip the kickstand

Many Boulder and Denver homeowners own a bike for each member of their families. These can completely take over a garage! During the colder months or off-season, consider wall-mounting bikes in your garage. This prevents injuries from navigating around the idle bikes on the floor of the garage and gives an extra bit of room you might need to get your car in the garage!

4) Scratch-free

Is it a tight fit in your garage? You are not alone! Consider adding spare carpet or pool noodles cut in half to the wall you park beside; this will prevent damage to both your car and the walls of the garage.

Have you hit the shelves on the back wall with the front of your car too many times? No worries! Instead of relying on your vehicle’s sensors, just hang a tennis ball on a piece of rope and stop when it taps your windshield.

Thinking of selling your Denver, Colorado home? Don’t let the garage go forgotten! A clean, organized, and upgraded garage could be someone’s wish in a dream home.


Austin Ellis